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  • Lawyer Talip Öz

    Law firm ceo, criminal defense lawyer and specialist lawyer for criminal law, labor law and family law

    Do you allow if I skip the usual, phrase-like standard information and tell you directly what makes me?


    To lose? I'm not losing - I'm winning! I win! I am a lawyer. That’s my job. That’s what I do (Kevin Lomax, in: The Devil's Mission, original title: The Devil's Advocate, 1997).


    There is no better way to express what I stand for than in this quote.


    You can count on the fact that I will not keep my mouth shut and am not afraid to deal with prosecutors and courts and will fight until the end.

    You can count on me to keep an eye on your concerns about your concerns at all times.


    You are looking for a lawyer. Not a buddy.


    If you are interested in knowing where I studied or what hobbies I have, just ask me personally.


  • Three common mistakes in labor law

    Mistake 1:

    The employer can no longer terminate after the trial period

    Even after the trial period, the employer can terminate the employment relationship, protection against dismissal is only available if the employment time is over 6 months and if the company has more than 10 employees. Only then does the Dismissal Protection Act come into effect, § 1 KSchG.

    Mistake 2:

    The boss may resign after three warnings

    The employer does not need three warnings to terminate an employment relationship. Even in the event of a (serious) violation without prior warning, the employer can still effectively terminate the employment relationship.

    Mistake 3:

    I'm sick, the boss can't quit me

    Many workers believe that they cannot be dismissed if they fall ill. It is a fact, however, that illness does not trigger a statutory ban on dismissal and, in the event of illness, the employer may terminate the employment relationship.

  • Client expiry

    Maybe you need a lawyer for the first time in your life?

    We make this situation easier for our clients through the following client process:


    Download Client questionnaire and Power of attorney



    Trust is the beginning of everything. Your first call to us proves this to us. That is why your first call with us is free of charge.



    Our trained assistants, who are obliged to maintain confidentiality, note down the core of your wish and give you an appointment with the right lawyer. You will receive the Client questionnaire from them in preparation so that we do not waste any time. Sometimes a phone call with the right lawyer is possible.


    Call a lawyer?

    We never give legal advice on the phone without knowledge of the file, but we can sometimes make a non-binding estimate of the chances your project has. On request, you can receive a short, free telephone appointment with a lawyer.


    First interview

    You already bring the necessary documents with you to your first meeting. This way we save a lot of time and save ourselves trouble. We record your goal, give an assessment of the opportunities, risks, duration and scope of the mandate and clarify your costs and our further course of action. The mandate relationship is only established after you have signed the power of attorney.



    We decide a strategy together

    We help you achieve your goal. Not the other way around! We always develop the strategy together with our clients: What demands do we make? How do we strengthen our evidence? What connection can we prove?


    Our claim letter then goes to the opposite side

    We monitor that all deadlines and times are met and inform our clients immediately about unforeseen and important developments. We are experienced, charming and unyielding negotiators through constant further training and years of experience. We like to conduct judicial and extrajudicial negotiations with the opposite side, purposefully, bindingly and tenaciously. We are happy to make comparisons - after careful coordination with our clients. We have trained witness and expert interviews for this purpose.


  • Three common mistakes in tenancy law

    Mistake 1:

    A rental contract must be concluded in writing

    The law provides for a regulation in § 550 S. 1 BGB, according to which certain rental contracts must be concluded in writing. According to this provision, rental contracts that are to have a term of more than one year are deemed to be concluded for an indefinite period if they do not meet the written form. It follows that rental agreements can also be concluded verbally.

    Mistake 2:

    Termination due to personal needs is difficult to enforce

    The law protects the landlord's property rights (Article 14 GG) and it is sufficient that the landlord has reasonable and understandable reasons for using the apartment. Termination by the landlord due to personal needs is regulated in § 573 Paragraph 2 No. 2 BGB.

    Mistake 3:

    I can cancel the lease within 14 days

    The law does not provide for a special right to withdraw from the rental agreement. The tenant can only make use of the general right of withdrawal under § 323 BGB before the rental property is handed over and also within very narrow limits, such as the fact that the rental rooms, despite setting a grace period, have not been put into a condition in accordance with the contract by the agreed handover date.

  • Fee

    The lawyer's fee - the most common questions


    1. What does it cost if I hire a lawyer?

    Lawyers 'fees are regulated in the Lawyers' Fees Act (RVG). The costs are calculated according to the so-called item value. That means: the higher the value of the dispute, the higher the lawyer's fee. Example: A divorce from clients with two own houses is therefore many times more expensive than a divorce from clients in a rented apartment.


    2. What does a quick question on the phone cost?

    We generally do not give legal advice on the phone. This is dubious because the questions of liability remain unresolved. We would be happy to let you know your question on the phone - or by mail - and give you an initial overview of various options. We always look at your documents before we give legal advice or a cost estimate. Come to our office. Then you are on the safe side.


    3. How much is an initial consultation?

    An initial consultation is usually a short client interview to introduce the client. The advice consists in giving verbal or written advice or verbal or written information. Goals and strategies are set and documents are examined. In rare cases, a single conversation is even sufficient to determine a path for the client. The client then continues without a lawyer. In this case, the initial consultation does not cost more than EUR 100.00. Basically, the consultation fee according to the RVG costs 190.00 euros plus VAT, ie 226.10 euros. However, this does not apply if we do not stop at advice and we accept the mandate and pursue your interests.


    4. When and what does my legal expenses insurance pay?

    Your legal expenses insurance pays all costs, both legal and court costs. If your contract provides for it, you pay a deductible (often 150.00 euros) yourself. Criminal matters (except in the case of negligence), family matters and inheritance matters are usually excluded from insurance cover. Occasionally, however, there is also an assumption of the initial consultation fee in these legal areas.


    5. Doesn't the opponent have to pay my legal fees?

    You initially bear your lawyer's fees yourself. If you win in court, you are entitled to reimbursement of the costs you incurred to your opponent, except in labor law (first instance). We enforce this claim for you.


    6. What if I can't afford a lawyer?

    At the local court of your place of residence, obtain a so-called authorization certificate for advice assistance. The lawyer can then settle directly with the court. You only have to pay a contribution of € 15.00. You can apply for legal aid for legal proceedings. This application will only be approved if the economic requirements are met AND if the lawsuit or the defense against the claim have any prospect of success. In criminal matters you are entitled to a mandatory defense lawyer if there is a case of necessary defense, § 140 StPO, e.g. if you are charged with a crime.

  • Three common mistakes in family law

    Mistake 1:

    Short marriages can easily be divorced

    For a marriage to end, it does not matter how long it lasted. Even in the case of a short marriage, the requirements for a divorce must be met, i.e. a spouse must apply for a divorce and the year of separation must have expired.

    Mistake 2:

    If I do not agree, we cannot be divorced at all

    The divorce of a marriage does not depend on whether the other spouse agrees, but on whether a corresponding application has been made by a spouse and whether the necessary conditions are met.

    Mistake 3:

    It is cheaper if the partner files for divorce

    The income of both partners is taken into account when calculating the costs. In this respect, it does not affect the cost of the divorce which partner applies for the divorce.

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    The relevant professional regulations are in particular:

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